Tailgating and baseball; What’s Joe Smokin’?

Tailgating and baseball; What’s Joe Smokin’?


Man On Second Baseball introduces a new YouTube Channel feature called “What’s Joe Smokin.” This feature is to blend baseball and barbecuing, with Joe Frisaro offering tailgating tips while also talking a bit about baseball.

Joe Frisaro @ManOn2nd

Baseball and barbecuing.

They are two of my passions, and thanks to the age of technology, I’m able to combine the two.

“Man On Second Baseball” is off the grid coverage of baseball. Anything that can be attached to baseball is fair game.

As this site grows, more creative ideas will be added. This segment is something that I’ve been wanting to do for several years now.

So on Saturday, “What’s Joe Smokin’?” was unveiled on the ManOn2nd YouTube channel. Check out the full version on YouTube. An introductory video was on the @ManOn2nd Twitter account.

The plan is to roll the bbq videos mainly on weekends and/or holidays. They simply tie into a tailgating theme.

People tend to have more time to tailgate and bbq on the weekends. So if you’re planning on attending a game, either in person, or just watching at home, why not fire up the grill and enjoy a good meal.

I kept my first cook simple: burgers and hot dogs.

But the hamburgers weren’t just any old burger, I wrapped them in pastrami.

Pastrami-wrapped burgers:

  • Lean ground beef. (I used grass fed ground beef)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Steak seasoning
  • breadcrumbs
  • Tiny bit of bbq sauce
  • Wrap each burger in a slice of pastrami (medium sliced)

I used my charcoal Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker, adding a chuck of cherry wood for smoke flavor.

Set between 225-275 and let them go for about an hour.

For the burger meat, you can dice up onions, peppers or whatever else you’d personally enjoy to your burger.

Of course, you can add cheese at the end. Remember, cheese melts very quickly once you put into a close smoker. So, monitor.

Tailgating is a topic MO2 (Man On Second) will be covering throughout the baseball season. In time, I plan on talking to players about their favorite bbq foods. As the food is cooking, we can add in baseball and cooking conversations.

I truly believe this feature will be a home run for fans, and maybe giving you some ideas on your next bbq meal.

Let MO2 know your favorite tailgate foods, and if you want to pass along recipes, we’ll be happy to discuss and perhaps even make.

Contact [email protected] with your thoughts.

Bon appetit!

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