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Baseball Legend Roger Clemens Joins Charity Poker Event


This past Sunday marked a remarkable gathering as the worlds of baseball and poker collided in a high-profile charity event. A collection of baseball's finest, including the likes of Roger Clemens, Greg Maddux, and Frank Thomas, assembled at the Legacy Club in Circa Las Vegas. They weren't there for the usual reasons people visit Vegas but for the Baller Dream Foundation Celebrity Poker Tournament. Many attendees even prepared for the event using the best poker apps to hone their skills. Together, these sports icons and others engaged in friendly competition, raising in excess of $175,000. The funds were not for personal gain but to offer vital support to children courageously fighting cancer. In combining their love for the game with a heartfelt cause, the baseball legends turned a simple poker game into a beacon of hope for those in need.

The Tournament

With attendees like former offensive lineman Evan Mathis and local poker pro Shaun Colquhoun, the event showcased both serious competition and philanthropic spirit. Mathis, who had nearly $280,000 in live poker tournament cashes under his belt, emerged as the winner, claiming the top prize of $75,000.

Clemens' Poker Debut

Perhaps the most intriguing story of the night was Roger Clemens making his poker debut. Known for winning six Cy Young awards and 354 games mostly during the 1980s and 1990s, Clemens admitted that his poker skills were untested.

"My boys tried to give me a little Poker 101, but I don't know if it's going to be any good," he told PokerNews, hinting that his involvement was more about supporting the Baller Dream Foundation than chasing victory on the felt.

Reunion of Legends

The event was a reunion of sorts for Clemens and Frank Thomas, known as the "Big Hurt." Fans might remember their clashes during the 1990s when Clemens would pitch 100-mile-per-hour fastballs at one of the all-time greatest hitters. This time, they were teammates in a different game, facing off against a blend of athletes and poker players for a noble cause.

A Night of Giving

The charity tournament also featured Greg Maddux, another baseball legend and a four-time Cy Young award winner. Maddux's daughter Paige hosted the event, and he himself announced a donation of $49,500 to the Baller Dream Foundation, humorously mentioning that he reserved $500 for a tournament rebuy.

The giving didn't stop there. In addition to the money raised from buy-ins and rebuys, a silent auction showcased signed jerseys and baseballs from superstar athletes, contributing further to the funds raised.

Reflections on the Evening

The night was filled with camaraderie, competition, and compassion. Clemens reflected on the importance of the Baller Dream Foundation, linking it to his 30-year-long involvement with the Roger Clemens Foundation that also focuses on at-risk children.

The event's venue, the luxurious rooftop lounge on the 60th floor at Circa Las Vegas, added a touch of glamour, encapsulating the spirit of a night that combined the excitement of sport, the thrill of gaming, and the warmth of charitable giving.

In the end, though Clemens didn't find beginner's luck in poker, his presence, along with other superstar athletes, underscored the main purpose of the evening: supporting a cause far greater than any game. With laughter, friendly competition, and generous donations, the tournament became a testament to the power of sports to unite and uplift, leaving an unforgettable mark both on and off the felt.

Charitable Poker Events

Charitable poker events featuring celebrities and athletes have become a notable trend, and they are valued not just for entertainment but also for the tangible benefits they bring to society.

By aligning with notable causes, these events attract attention and donations. Celebrities and athletes often have substantial followings, and their participation can shine a spotlight on particular issues, encouraging others to contribute. The funds raised can be substantial and have a significant positive impact on the targeted cause.

Such events as the Baller Dream Foundation Celebrity Poker Tournament bring together different sections of the community, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. The blend of stars, sports figures, and ordinary people can create an engaging atmosphere where everyone feels part of something greater.

The commitment shown by famous personalities often inspires others to get involved in charity work. Seeing idols and role models dedicating their time and effort to a worthy cause can lead others to follow suit. Participants and spectators know that the fun and competition are tied to a more profound purpose. This adds an emotional depth to the event, transforming a game into a mission.

New connections and partnerships may be formed, leading to future collaboration and support.


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